Wednesday, March 2, 2011

HB 1492 was sent to the Insurance Committee today

Competitive insurance benefits (HB 1492) just went to the Insurance Committee. Now is the time to start calling every member of the committee, every day, until they set a hearing.

D Eiland, Craig (23) Vice Chair
R Hancock, Kelly (91)
R Nash, Barbara (93) – Freshman
R Sheets, Kenneth (107) – Freshman
R Smithee, John (86) Chair
R Taylor, Larry (24)
R Torres, Raul (33) – Freshman
D Vo, Hubert (149)
D Walle, Armando (140)

Smithee has influence as the chair, but we need support of at least five members to get it out of committee. I think our plan of attack with the committee should be to have as many of us call/visit them as possible. I (Torsten) will be going to the capitol tomorrow morning to talk to staffers about this bill. If anyone is or knows a constituent of any of the reps, we need to get them to call. They can use the last tab for their representatives contact info.

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