Q: Is there some difference between DPB (Domestic Partnership Benefits) and CIB (Competitive Insurance Benefits)?

A: Not at all, they are simply different names for the same thing.

Q: Why did it used to be called DPB but now it is called CIB?

A: Domestic Partnership Benefits was the first name used to try and get attention to this issue. The name emphasizes Domestic Partners and lends itself to be viewed through a social justice lens. Competitive Insurance Benefits on the other hand, is what is now used to talk about this issue. CIB emphasizes making Texas Public Universities more competitive with their peer institutions.

Q: I am a student at a public university in Texas. How does this issue effect me?

A: Not offering CIB creates a dis-incentive for non-married faculty and staff in long term relationships to work at these schools, and also provides a dis-incentive for non-married faculty and state with long term partners to leave Texas public universities.

Q: I want to help with lobbying, how do I get involved?

A: Equality Texas however has a lobby day March 7th. Registration and breakfast will be at the First United Methodist Church Family Life Center at 1300 Lavaca Street, Austin, TX. The event lasts from 9am-4pm and begins with training. Register for it here. You can also go to the Get Involved tab to find info about how to lobby.

Q: I do not have the ability to get to Austin to lobby, is there anything I can do?

A: Yes! You can send your legislator a letter about this issue, you can call their office and leave them a message about this issue, or you can find out when they return to your district and visit them. You can also organize people in your area to lobby on this issue. If you would like help, or just want to get in contact with us, e-mail us by clicking the link, or at cibatx at gmail dot com. You can also go to the Get Involved tab to find a pre-written letter to send, and info on how and who to call.